Diary: Nick Hurrell is undone by some bare-faced cheek

In a new irregular slot the Diary will be tapping up its funniest contacts, greasing the greasiest palms and reaching backwards into its own annals to collate some of the industry's funniest anecdotes.

Starting the ball rolling are two wonderfully cheeky little stories supplied by M&C Saatchi's chairman of Europe, Nick Hurrell: "This one goes back to the time when I was at Saatchi & Saatchi and working on Castlemaine XXXX for Allied Breweries.

"We had seriously messed something up and I knew the client was going to be ringing me to give me a bollocking. I warned the account team and bravely told them that I would take the irate call.

"When it eventually came, I picked it up and started my best grovelling apology. However, my sincerity was hampered by the fact that Garry Lace was rubbing his bare arse against my office window.

"The second story involves Graham Fink and some creative for Silk Cut. I was just looking at the work one last time before I took it to present to the client when he stormed into my office.

"He asked me what I was doing and when I told him I was presenting the work to the client in five minutes, he said 'No you're not. It's not good enough' and proceeded to throw it all out of my fourth- floor window."