Diary: No buttering up for Danny Brooke-Taylor

After seeing the press coverage of the latest Hovis ad by Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy, Danny Brooke-Taylor's friends decided to take it upon themselves to make sure all of the adulation didn't go to the Northern executive creative director's head.

Type "Hovis featurette" into YouTube to see how the ad was made, and why Brooke-Taylor has become the butt of his ego-pricking mates' jokes.

The creative is interviewed wearing a striped black and green jumper, which in itself was enough to get his, ahem, friends passing the link around and bombarding him with insults. A few of the choice ones were "Hamburglar's jumper" and "posh Southern twat". And check out those hand movements: has Brooke-Taylor adopted an invisible glove puppet?