Diary: No Marks for Horrocks

Given that Marks & Spencer was one of Walker Media's founding clients and that Jon Horrocks was one of its founding partners, you'd have thought that in the past 13 years, he'd be able to bore for England about the retailer.

Sadly not. At Channel 4's upfronts presentation last week, Horrocks and the7stars' Mark Jarvis were invited on stage to play a version of Million Pound Drop. They were asked which out of M&S, Johnson & Johnson and the combined ages of C4's Andy Barnes and Mick Perry was the oldest. They wrongly bet on J&J.

Incidentally, Perry was notably absent from the fun. Sadly, he was unable to make C4's most important event for advertisers and agencies as he had another more pressing engagement. Perry and his wife were on a jolly with ids, as a thank you for all the support he gave to the sales house during his time at Interpublic's Magna. It's important to get your priorities right, isn't it?