DIARY: No party is too small for Big Brother 'stars'

As adland runs out of exclusive new venues to host its swish

shindigs, how about a bit of voyeurism to spice things up a bit?

It was a case of life imitating art for 80 lucky BT Cellnet staff and

others responsible for the sponsorship of Channel 4's Big Brother, when

they stepped into the shoes of the omnipresent contestants and walked

over the famous threshold of - gasp! - the Big Brother house.

To the strains of Paul Oakenfold's theme music,Touchdown Proximity's

guests entered the house, ogled the hot tub and later indulged in

drunken clinches in the den. Tsk, how naughty.

Horse and Fruit, the two fly characters from the BT Cellnet idents,

dusted down their old costumes to welcome the guests. Still desperately

clinging on to their 15 minutes of fame were Bubble and Dean, neither of

whom were paid to be there, but who evidently couldn't stay away.

And at one point Bubble was seen scaling the garden wall in an attempt

to escape - was conversation with adland proving harder to weather than

his stay in the house?