DIARY: Norman looks picture perfect von Trier clone

Regular readers of the film-bore magazine Sight & Sound might be shocked to see that the current issue features the Mediaedge:cia chairman, Rob Norman, on its cover.

But a second glance at the picture, depicting a, erm, balding man with a weasely beard, reveals it is in fact the Danish director Lars von Trier, the creator of the "dogme 95" manifesto.

While dogme spawned The Idiots, in which a gang of Danish intellectuals pretend to be retarded, Norman may be able to take credit for inspiring more than one retard to pretend to be intellectual.

His eccentric tastes might be on a par with von Trier's, but while the director's films have cracked the US, with another, Manderlay, due soon, it remains to be seen if Norman's Nylon agency concept will take New York by storm.