Diary: The North/South divide is real in adland's capital

We all know how adland can often be beholden to research. But sometimes it finds data to float even the most absurd-sounding assumptions.

When Diary overheard a theory last week that London adland's account managers generally live south of the river, while the industry's account planners prefer the north, it dismissed it as ludicrous.

However, Red Triangle, the Battersea-based advertising headhunter, has trawled its candidate database and injected this gobbet with some robust factual evidence.

Of the most-recent 700 account handlers it interviewed, 70 per cent are South London-based, with Clapham, Balham and Earlsfield proving the most popular regions.

Conversely, of the most recent 200 planners interviewed, 60 per cent live in leafy North London areas, with Camden and Islington most popular. Add Notting Hill into the mix and the figure jumps to 70 per cent.

"There is an artistic temperament north of the river that holds better karma for the strategic planner, whereas south of the river suits the suit," Paul Hutson, the Red Triangle managing director, believes.