Diary: Not everyone's cut out for a life on the ocean wave

There were a lot of green faces onboard the Oriana at last week's Marketing Forum as delegates and speakers fell victim to varying forms of sickness.

As P&O's flagship cruise liner set off toward the Channel Islands, some attendees found the choppy waters too much to stomach. Reaching for the sick bags were Yell's chief marketing officer, Ann Francke, EHS Brann Cirencester's managing director, Alison Hamer, and the O2 marketer Susie Moore. The jury is out on whether the sea, the moules marinieres or the double measures served in the Crow's Nest were to blame.

The usually forthright Francke displayed a softer side, when she rushed over to Campaign's table to apologise for any offence caused during her presentation. Francke took pleasure in pointing out how an advertisement for Always sanitary towels early in her career had been hugely successful despite being voted the worst-ever ad by Campaign. For the record, Diary would like to point out that no offence was taken.

Meanwhile, Edward De Bono, the keynote speaker, earned the nickname Edward de Boner after he used the conference to practice his chat-up lines. His favourite being along the lines of: "In Persia, if a man fancies a woman he says 'I would like to eat your liver'. If the woman is interested; she replies 'I want to sweep the dust before your feet with my eyelashes'."