Diary: Nothing like a free lunch to guarantee adland love

Following the commercial mushiness of Valentine's Day, the IPA has been feeling much love for adland, and decided to ask a number of key industry figures if, and why, they felt the same.

One theme quickly became clear, though. It's the people that make it all worthwhile. Ahh, bless.

But before anyone gets all warm and fuzzy, M&C Saatchi's Moray MacLennan, the incoming IPA president, reminded us love can be a fickle thing, when he spoke of his own personal experiences: "I met both my wives (sequentially, of course) in it, so that's something to be grateful for." Diary wonders if MacLennan wooed his ladies with credentials, or if he won their hearts without a formal pitch.

Tess Alps, the chief executive of Thinkbox, said: "There's far too much to love in the industry; I struggle to keep my passion in check."

Jim Marshall, the Starcom chairman, was also feeling the cheeky flush of love when he spoke about adland's intelligent and charming people, "who, coincidentally, all seem to be younger than me, but are still nice to me!".

But Diary's newly created Truth Serum Award for Honesty in the Face of Platitudes goes to Profero's Wayne Arnold, who said: "The parties, the good-looking sales reps and the fine lunches." Hear, hear!