DIARY: Notting Hill Carnival puts more pressure on Droga's eardrum

As an antidote to a hectic few months' hard work, Saatchi &

Saatchi's executive creative director, Dave Droga, took his family off

to Mustique in the Caribbean for some R&R.

While they lounged around nibbling fruit, sipping cocktails and lazing

by the pool table - sorry, the swimming pool (this is not the office) -

Droga took to the sea to dive.

During those waterlogged days, Droga saw more deep-sea pond life than in

an entire career at Saatchis, and the Neptune of Charlotte Street claims

he took to breathing under water with uncanny ease as he wallowed around

in rubber (still not the office).

Trouble started on the last day, when he woke up with a blood-soaked

pillow - he'd burst his eardrum. "I was hoping I'd have to stay there

for a couple of months waiting for it to heal," Droga, now back in

Blighty and conveniently deaf in one ear for client meetings, shouts.

"But the doctor said it was best I fly 'when you've got a hole in your


Apart from cotton wool and earplugs, the medic stressed the need for

silence while Droga was recovering. Imagine his joy when he returned to

Notting Hill ... to find the carnival's biggest sound system parked

outside his window all weekend.