Diary: Where are they now? Ex-CDP man Indra Sinha

Every now and again, we at Diary Towers feel the need to reconnect with the more mature end of our readership, so we thought we'd try and reach the elusive grey market by putting together a "Where are they now?" story.

Fortunately, it just so happens that Indra Sinha, a former Collett Dickenson Pearce creative with a knack for long copy that we're sure many of you will remember, has just been long-listed for the prestigious Booker Prize.

Animal's People is a fictional novel based on the Bhopal disaster, and describes the life of Animal, a young man who has spent most of his life walking on all fours because his back was twisted beyond repair following the catastrophic events of "that night", when, courtesy of an American chemical corporation, disaster hit his town.

His life is then turned upside down when Elli Barber, an American doctor, turns up to work in a free clinic in the area.

As well as writing the book, Sinha has also spent the past 14 years writing ads to help raise funds for a free clinic for the still-suffering townsfolk in the devastated area.

The first ad appeared in 1994 and was accompanied by a personal promise that Sinha would pay the media costs if the appeal failed.

Fortunately, it didn't, and the clinic now employs more than 40 staff and has treated more than 30,000 people to date.