Diary: Nuts - plenty of butt but no balls in YouTube treat

It might have reported no growth during the past 12 months and a slight decline in the past six months, but IPC Media's Nuts still found plenty to gloat about last week.

To coincide with the latest Audit Bureau of Circulations figures, the men's weekly posted a triumphant film online at YouTube, featuring a scantily clad blonde.

The video, which was sent as a link to press buyers, conveniently skirts around Nuts' rather disappointing ABC figure, preferring instead to crow about increasing the gap between it and its men's weekly arch-rival, Zoo.

The promo features Kayleigh Pearson teasing press buyers with "a figure I want to reveal to you". According to Pearson "FHM finds our sales hard to stomach" and, she adds, "not being cheeky, but Zoo is still miles behind".

It's all very cleverly shot, with the word "cheeky" coinciding with a gratuitous shot of her derriere. See what you've done there, boys.

Annoyingly for anyone who wants to post a comment, the Nuts boys have disabled the function that lets users critique the clip.

Now, we're "not being cheeky", but if you're serious about engaging with the online world, it would be good to let the world have its say. Perhaps Nuts was afraid that its competitors might try to sabotage its submission with some of their own comments?

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