Diary: Nuts turns prudish over Sky Hi's big balloons

With Valentine's Day looming, what could you expect other than the suppliers of soppy gifts pushing their wares with some timely advertising.

Sky Hi, a helium-balloon shop, has got in on the action with a print ad from Purity.

The spot shows a lovestruck boy and girl sitting at either end of a park bench with the nauseating thoughts: "I'm in love" and "you're gorgeous" hovering above them in, you've guessed it, helium balloons.

Sounds bad ...? Well, to liven things up for the men's weeklies, Nuts and Zoo, the copy was tailored for readers and the girl's "you're gorgeous" is met with the far more realistic "nice tits" floating above the romantic lad's head.

Perfect, one would imagine, for magazines whose whole philosophy centres on women's bits.

But, alas no. IPC Media's Nuts has got on its high horse about this one and refused to take the ad. In fact, Diary understands that the wrangling continues over the use of the alternative line "nice jugs".

Has IPC Media gone all prudish or is it refusing the ad on the grounds that it really hopes none of its self-respecting lad- dish readers would ever be quite so cheesy as to send their love interest a helium balloon?