Diary: Ofcom to air ITV's dirty conditional sell secret

You might have thought that being universally regarded as one of the most honest, decent and honourable media men of his generation would have been enough for David Connolly. Oh no. It seems that the former vice-chairman of Starcom Motive and the existing Ofcom adjudicator (who also goes by the name of "the Scotweiler") could also be angling for a Pulitzer.

According to his first report into compliance of Ofcom's terms of the ITV merger, Connolly has uncovered some earth-shattering claims. There's no easy way to say this, so brace yourselves - his report has found anecdotal evidence that ITV plc has been engaged in the distinctly unsavoury practice of conditional selling.

Connolly has discovered allegations that those cheeky monkeys over at 200 Grays Inn Road have, heaven forbid, been strong-arming agencies to link the purchase of airtime on ITV1 with the purchase of airtime on other ITV channels.

With our whole world turned upside down, it's difficult to know what to believe any more. Next we'll be told to believe more shock revelations such as BLM Media is up for sale or that Mark Craze and Jerry Buhlmann didn't get on.