Diary: Offers of moolah make creatives flock to Annas

There's nothing like a cash prize to make an awards ceremony go off with a bang. The Newspaper Marketing Agency's inaugural awards - the Annas - were held last week and handed out no less than £40,000.

Needless to say the room, at The Mall Galleries, was full to bursting.

The great and the good of the newspaper world showed up, but they were outnumbered by the many creatives hoping to walk off with the £25,000 top prize. No surprises when Lowe's Sam Cartmell and Jason Lawes landed it for their Tesco press campaign.

Jack Dee hosted a short awards ceremony (there were only four prizes).

There's nothing like the glee of a celebrity being given the chance to comment on newspapers and Dee seized the opportunity to exact revenge on The Daily Telegraph by mocking its readers for wearing cords. Nevertheless, the title got off lightly as Dee saved most of his contempt for the Celebrity Big Brother contestants.

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