Diary: How did Ogilvy become adland's Dorian Gray?

The Diary has made a discovery regarding Ogilvy Advertising. The agency is actually getting younger.

Last week, it held a party celebrating being 60 years old. It was held at the Electric Ballroom in Camden and around 900 people turned up to party - including one 92-year-old.

It was also a 24-hour rolling global affair, starting in New Zealand and ending up in San Francisco. The party was webcast live on Ogilvy's intranet system Truffles, and also on screens at each office's party.

However, Diary remembers attending a party two years ago to celebrate the agency's 100-year anniversary. But if that wasn't weird enough, a source from within Ogilvy who has worked there for 37 years recounted a story of a party he attended two weeks into the job celebrating the agency's 125th birthday party.

If this carries on, by 2067, Ogilvy will be a hip one-year-old start-up.