Diary: Ogilvy goes old-school to celebrate centenary

Ogilvy Group celebrated its 100th birthday this week with a huge celebration at Brick Lane's Truman Brewery.

And, being an ad agency, you'd expect that it had something a little creative and out of the ordinary up its sleeve to enlighten, delight and entertain the crowd. This took the form of a talent show involving ten of Ogilvy's account teams. Each team was given a decade, starting at 1906 and going through to 2006, and was told to create and perform a song-and-dance routine in keeping with that era.

However, in a stupefying twist of creativity, they had to adapt their chosen song to represent their client. For example, the Kimberly-Clark team from Coley Porter Bell, which was covering 1926 to 1936, created a three-minute black-and-white silent movie based on the kidnapping of a nappy-wearing child, while the Comfort team, covering 1986 to 1996, put down some hip-hop beats.

But the night wasn't all song and dance as Ogilvy's high and mighty, including the UK chairman, Gary Leih, the vice-chairman, Rory Sutherland, the global chief, Shelly Lazarus, and the WPP boss, Sir Martin Sorrell, all appeared to give rousing speeches about how great the agency is, how successful the past 100 years have been and how it will move forward in the next 100.

The only dissent on the evening came from some of the older members of the crowd when they were served with hot dogs, burgers, chips and pizza.

They should just be grateful the food wasn't themed on a decade as well, because 1936 to 1946 would have left the punters very hungry.

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