Diary: Is Ogilvy being smoked out of business district?

An advertising agency in Canary Wharf will always look out of place surrounded by the soaring towers of the huge financial corporations that inhabit the area.

But it became evident just how starched the collars are there when the usually sedate Ogilvy Group managed to lock horns with its neighbour Credit Suisse, which ended up reporting the agency to Tower Hamlets Council.

Ogilvy, the agency that created last year's award-winning "smoke is poison" tanker, ironically decided to treat its nicotine-needy workers by erecting a smoking area complete with heaters, seats and ash-catchers.

In fact, it was so plush, smokers from other companies began using it - something the officious Swiss bankers took umbrage with.

Upon spotting that the hut was covered and had three sides, classing it technically as indoors, one of the bankers grassed to the council, which, in true bureaucratic fashion, made Ogilvy remove the heaters and ashtrays.

Perhaps if the bank had been less focused on smoke shelters, it would have noticed the bad behaviour of some of its own employees.