Diary: The 'old school' rules in the world of Facebook

It's a bloody miracle that any work ever gets done in adland given the amount of people "socially networking" on Facebook.

Diary has already reported on a number of ad appreciation groups, but now it's the gathering of unhinged industry insiders who have grabbed our attention. There's a group called "Don't tell my mum I'm in advertising, she thinks I play piano in a brothel", that may strike a chord with a few familiar faces. When Diary paid this group a visit, it boasted that 747 members of adland had signed up, including Ogilvy Advertising's Rory Sutherland, Keevill Barton Kershaw's Simon Kershaw and glue's Seb Royce.

Diary was also tickled by "AdFarts: Old gits in ad agencies". This is aimed at adfolk over the age of 30 who are still strutting their stuff. It asks: "Are you invited to brainstorms because of your knowledge of the 70s and 80s? Do you remember the R Whites Lemonade ad? Then your choice is simple: resign and find a proper job or join us."

Few have heeded the call. The group only had 19 members, including VCCP's Michael Sugden and the ubiquitous Sutherland.

But Diary's favourite is "The Old School Advertisers" group, whose 14 members are described as "the blaggers, thinkers, liggers, drawers, bullshitters, radiators, makers, faces and drains that work for proper old-school ad agencies. No media wankers, DM bores or online hippies."