Diary: OMD should reopen as a sanatorium for media

They're dropping like flies over at OMD. While its business is in good shape, the same can't be said for many of its most senior people, with its Seymour Mews HQ resembling an accident and emergency department rather than a media agency.

Its head of Europe, Simon Francis, has just recovered from a bout of chicken pox, not before passing it on to Manning Gottlieb OMD's director, Stephen Hall.

Then MG OMD's head of strategy, Jon Gittings, went and shattered his leg on a skiing trip, resulting in a 14-week layoff. Peter Magnani, the managing director of OMD International, has an ear infection and Peter Thomson, the managing director of the OMD agency M2M, smashed his shoulder in a hockey playing incident

What are the chances of Robert Ffitch, the managing director of Manning Gottlieb OMD, returning unscathed from his forthcoming ski holiday to Canada? Very slim, we'd imagine.