DIARY: One case of mistaken identity places Hinde in a parallel universe

Ever had the feeling that something's not quite right with the

world? Well, that was the case for Anthony Hinde, a recruitment

consultant at www.media-contacts.co.uk, recently.

While he didn't complain when an unexpected case of lager with his name

on it turned up, the relentless stream of post, ad schedules, CVs and

personal e-mails containing sordid details of a stag night were getting

a little unnerving for our man. Not to mention the suited-and-booted

interviewees who turned up unannounced for interviews he'd purportedly


While our man at media-contacts was doubtless wondering if he was going

mad, who should be puzzling over the other side of town at similar

coincidences but one Anthony Rhind, none other than the director of

strategy at www.mediacontacts.com.

Spooky! And who should meet recently in Islington's Medicine Bar? Yes,

the two men converged for a friend of Hinde's birthday bash - only to

meet and discover that their best friends are, in fact,


More bizarre still, it transpires that Hinde and said best mate have

recently acquired an MG which - yep, you guessed it - once belonged to

none other than Rhind and his best friend.

Coincidence? Even the Coen brothers couldn't write a script like it.