DIARY: One more fat trucker seen on UK highway

To all those media planners and buyers desperate to find a novel

place to stick your advertising - you'll be glad to know you can now

sleep easy.

Yes, roadsters all over the country are set to gawp in delight (and not

be put off those tasty motorway sandwiches at all) by the arresting

sight of the dimply, spotty flesh of the 22-stone wrestler Terry Noble,

the man about to gain a certain notoriety as the ruddy new face (and

body) of HGV lorry advertising.

In a somewhat dubious claim that "big is beautiful", Tezza and his

bulbous belly will light up motorways nationwide to launch the medium,

which includes vehicles that cunningly carry trailer tracking devices to

trace wherever the ad has been. "When we combine this with the

Department for the Environment, Transport and the Regions' road

statistics, it gives an accurate representation of how many

opportunities to see there really are," the medium's inventor, M-Way

Marketing's managing director, Mark Garry, burbles enthusiastically.

So if 45ft of wobbling love handles and nipples the size of small plates

is your bag, give them a bell.