DIARY: One man and his Pig introduce Americans to a three-wheel drive

There's nothing like a change of scenery to beat the post-Christmas blues. Just ask Chas Bayfield, the ex-HHCL creative who hung up his pencils in favour of a whistle-stop tour abroad. 'I could have gone to sit on a beach and find myself, but that's wanky,' he says. 'So I thought taking the Pig to America would be a good idea.'

Confused readers might like to know that this describes Bayfield's pride and joy - his pounds 50 Robin Reliant. Starting in New York, the Pig covered 150 miles a day and got American tongues wagging in every town. One hillbilly living with his entire family in a motel room was overheard uttering a stupefied 'What the hell is that?' on seeing the intrepid three-wheeler.

The Pig and its owner loved the attention though. 'Once I thought I was being done for speeding,' Bayfield says, a tad optimistically, 'but it was flash cameras from people taking pictures of the car.'

The trip, in aid of a prostate cancer charity, took in Gracelands, the Golden Gate bridge and Las Vegas and was not without its dangerous moments. 'We fell off the road going over the Rockies,' Bayfield says breezily. Bet that forward planning came in handy then. 'What?' he says quizzically. 'I can't even change a tyre!'