Diary: One way not to get a job at Wieden & Kennedy

It's no secret that Wieden & Kennedy is on a massive recruitment drive following its new-business run earlier this year. So you'd think it'd be thrilled to hear from headhunters serving the interests of the industry's top talent.

Take last week, for example. One proactive headhunter e-mailed the agency pushing her client, who was seeking a marketing role in an advertising agency.

It was followed by a cherry-picked shortlist of seven agencies she was "prepared to consider", which included Ogilvy Advertising, Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett, Publicis and - at the very bottom of the pile - Wieden & Kennedy.

W&K responded by saying there were no vacancies, sarcastically adding that it "was a bit scary to be bracketed with some of these companies". Unperturbed, the plucky headhunter shot back this reply: "Don't underestimate yourselves, you are obviously doing really well for someone as good as my candidate to recognise your business as one on a par with the ones listed."

Diary imagines this went down like a cup of cold sick. "Are you taking the piss?" came the furious reply. Diary hopes the unfortunate headhunter doesn't find herself sharing a mince pie with Neil Christie on the Christmas party circuit.