Diary: One too many tools on display in Publicis 'ad'

It is a commonly held view that the French have a more relaxed attitude to explicit content in advertising than most other countries.

But it appears that sometimes our Gallic cousins can create something that even they think goes a step too far.

Last week, a set of four poster ads for the tool manufacturer Stihl hit the Campaign news desk. Each of the Publicis Conseil-created ads showed a lumberjack cutting down a tree that looked like something you might find at home. For example, one resembled a desk, another depicted a sink, using the line: "Don't spend your life at work."

However, it was the fourth image that really caught the eye, as it showed all-too-clearly a man and a woman copulating against a tree.

It wasn't long before scandalised Campaign staff heard from the agency's embarrassed PR woman, who desperately tried to recall the cheeky image.

It left Diary wondering whether the shot was the result of a little extra camera practice for the photographer, or if the agency had indeed considered using it.