DIARY: One unexpected extra for American Airlines

Have you noticed anything a little bit strange about this ad for American Airlines? Nothing? Try looking closer.

It's not the words. "Fewer seats. More room to yourself." Nope, nothing wrong there.

And it's not the execution per se. What the man on the balcony eating noodles has to do with American Airlines we couldn't say, but there is nothing that unusual about obscure imagery in advertising.

Look at the man, though. Look specifically at his right foot. To the untrained eye, it looks as though he has six toes. Count them. One, two, three ... yep, six. There's no doubt about it. Still, there's nothing wrong with having six toes. Marylin Monroe was said to have had six toes and she did all right.

The foot in question is a bit blurry at the end. It's as if someone has retouched it and given him an extra toe. Perhaps American Airlines is trying to tell us that it's an equal opportunity airline.