Diary: Opening up a few bottles of bubbly with 'The A List' of advertising

The biggest question in adland right now? Were you important enough to be seen at The A List party, which was sponsored by those generous people at Barclays Commercial Bank?

Last Wednesday, hundreds of revellers penetrated the intense security and joined their peers and comrades-in-arms at the Cuckoo Club in London for the party to celebrate the launch of The A List 2008, which was sponsored by The Talent Business.

As usual, the shindig was packed with adland's great and the good who had succeeded in getting their faces on to the pages of The A List, and who then celebrated by trying to drink the place dry ... even Sir John Hegarty popped up.

However, The A List proceedings didn't end there. Once the party was kicked out on to the street, the remaining hardcore revellers headed for the after-show party at Volstead next door in order to continue their carousing.