DIARY: O'Toole finds out too late why you should never work with kids

Rarely do we find a tale of benevolence in adland these days, so we

were touched to hear about Joshua's recent experience of working with

Peter O'Toole.

The Oscar-nominated actor worked on the agency's ad for Zurich Financial

Services, where he plays a wizard who inspires a young boy to score a

try in a game of rugby.

O'Toole was professional to the last, although he did admit that playing

rugby with ten-year-old boys was a bit knackering.

So knackering, in fact, that he clearly thought the best way to keep

them all entertained was to buy some pressies for his co-stars, and

promptly sent an assistant off to nearby Glasgow to buy all the boys

mini-rugby balls.

And our young chap who plays rugby-loving O'Toole's grandson in the ad

showed no sign of being in awe of the legendary actor. As they prepared

to shoot the first scene, O'Toole was offering words of encouragement to

the lad, when the little one confided that it was all very exciting as

it was his first acting job.

Thinking he'd found a like-minded soul, he then caused great hilarity

among the ad veterans at Joshua by asking if O'Toole had ever done any

acting before. Aah.

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