Diary: Outhwaite's patter shows Keira what she is missing

Students of seduction can't afford to miss a video doing the rounds at Mother, showcasing the silver tongue of the agency's ladies' man, Stuart Outhwaite.

Sent on an all staff e-mail with the subject line "we're very proud", the link (youtube.com/watch?v=NI4 yaoKMBe4), filmed on a friend's mobile, finds him in a cab after the launch party for Lily Allen's album. Sources say the creative was bragging at the bash that Keira Knightley had been giving him the eye.

Outhwaite appears the worse for wear. The Diary offers an edited transcript of the conversation:

Friend: "Stu, what was happening with Keira Knightley?"

Outhwaite: "Er ... She's ... she's skinny."

Friend: "No, listen, you were in the car park with 60 people at the Lily Allen thing, yeah? Stu?"

Outhwaite: "Yeah?"

Friend: "And Keira Knightley was there, yeah? Stu. Stu. How did she arrive?"

Outhwaite: (Whistles)

Friend: "Stuart. Listen to me. Did you have a chat with her?"

Outhwaite: "She's fit."

Friend: "Did you say owt to her?"

(Outhwaite shakes his head)

Friend: "So what did you do? Stu, what did you do?"

Outhwaite: "What, in Cannes?"

Friend: "No, at the Lily Allen party."

Outhwaite: "We had a lot of drinks and stood around."