DIARY: Over-exposed staff are a good marketing tool

In this unforgiving business climate, it's vital that advertisers pounce upon every promotional opportunity that comes their way.

And when you've blown most of your marketing budget on a big TV campaign, what better medium to plough your last few quid into than a presence in the Automatic Vending Association's calendar in aid of Macmillan Cancer Relief?

This calendar is an advertiser's dream. Not only does it feature some of the biggest brands in vending, but it also features some of the vending industry's best-known faces - all of them stark bollock naked.

And if you're still not convinced, ask the good folk at Masterfoods.

They wanted more for their Mars brand than a piffling six-sheet or print ad. So what did they do? They got two of their employees to pose for June, fighting naked over an enormous Mars Bar. Inspired.

Not to be outdone, Nichols Foods decided that its Kelloggs and Douwe Egberts brands could do with a bit of a boost. So, quicker than you can say "are you sure this is in our contract?", employees Debbie, Kay, Michelle, Sandra and Margaret shed their clothes and huddled around a Christmas tree for December's picture.

If we're not careful, calendars like this could do ad agencies out of business.