Diary: Party poopers put a lid on raucous CHI revellers

Talking of New Year's resolutions, no doubt Clemmow Hornby Inge's list will include trying to tone down its burgeoning reputation for throwing raucous parties.

Diary has learned that Fitzrovia residents were none too pleased about the cacophony caused at a recent event, where guests spilled out on to the balcony, which overlooks residential dwellings. The party got so out of hand neighbours called the council. The agency was issued with a warning and told to keep noise down in the future.

However, the identity of the complainant remains a mystery. Could it be a case of "bah, humbug" from Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy, ruffled because its neighbours were having more fun? Or was it a bit of nimbyism from CHI's celebrity neighbour Denis Norden? Perhaps we will never know.

Whoever it was, CHI showed no signs of remorse, if its Christmas card is anything to go by. Its festive offering was not a sedate picture of the partners dressed as Santa Claus, but a picture of CHI's new office, with its staff looking as if they were holding another party.