Diary: Paxman declares war

It's tricky shooting an ad, but try doing it with Jeremy Paxman strutting around firing questions at you.

St Luke's unexpectedly got the full blast of Paxo on the shoot for its latest ad for Bulmers. The ad, which has a wartime theme, was shot in Henley-on-Thames and, unbeknown to the crew, the site they were filming on was next door to the Paxman household. The Newsnight presenter marched over to the set (along with his assorted children and dogs) and, in signature style, cut to the chase, shouting: "What the hell is going on?" It took a while for Paxman to comprehend the scene, which involved people dressed as world war pilots and flying Frisbee machines. But he lightened up once he realised he wasn't about to be invaded.