Diary: Pepsi's bid to have a pop makes it look so stupid

PepsiCo has been left with egg on its face after an advertising-based attack on its bitter rival Coca-Cola didn't quite go according to plan.

Following the launch of Coke Zero - and Diary is going to refrain from mentioning VCCP's TV ad because it has probably been slated enough - Pepsi Max decided it would directly attack its rival's sugar-free drink by launching its own campaign in response.

The work, which consists of a number of poster executions, shows the difference between Zero and Maximum and how the latter is obviously better than the former.

This would have been an intelligent piece of one-upmanship by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO if it hadn't made the mistake of spelling a word wrong in the ad (spotted on the Bakerloo line).

The poster shows the dictionary definition of zero as: "n&v, the lowest point; a nullity or nonenitity."

For those that can't spot it straight away, there is a superfluous "i" in the final word.