Diary: Perfect buns, but Lindsay proves flipping useless

"Would you like fries with that?" is not a question you'd expect to hear from adland gent Tim Lindsay.

So when Diary popped into McDonald's in Leicester Square last week for a bite to eat, it was quite taken aback to see him diligently putting the final touches to its Big Mac.

When Lindsay took the helm at TBWA last year, many wondered how he would handle the multitude of challenges facing him. But surely things hadn't come to this?

Well, fear not. It appears Lindsay is merely showing his McDonald's client that he's prepared to roll up the sleeves and work on all parts of the business, from strategy to shop floor. And while doing so, he has also shown us how to look good doing it.

However, a kitchen spy told Diary that, although Lindsay was "popular" with the female customers, he was otherwise "useless and very slow".

Clearly, the TBWA UK & Ireland president still has some way to go if he hopes to earn himself the restaurant's new A-Level qualification. At the time of writing, he still hadn't even done enough to win his first star.

Best stick to the day job, Lindsay.