Diary: Performance artist lives the life aquatic for Grey

Sometimes in life, you can be faced with tough questions. One of these could be: "Is that a naked girl sitting in a tank of water in the foyer of my office?" This was the quandary that faced the staff of Grey London last week as they walked into their place of work and were greeted with exactly this sight.

Anna Vickers, an up-and-coming artist whose work is being exhibited at the Frieze Art Fair (being held just over the road from Grey's offices in Regent's Park), took the inspiration for her recent body of work from sitting under water and taking pictures of herself.

In an to attempt to help her recreate this flash of inspiration, Grey built her what can only be described as a massive fish tank, and placed it by the window so she could immerse herself and start snapping away. However, the budding artist did suffer a bit of self-consciousness at being displayed to anyone passing down the north end of Great Portland Street and opted to wear a bikini.

Despite this, the spectacle still attracted numerous visitors over the course of the day who were obviously eager to discuss the aesthetic points raised by the installation.