DIARY: Phone's secrets could have been a real steal for any smarter crook

One of the most coveted items in the advertising industry has been

lost. We're not talking about Tiger Savage's Gucci account card, nor

Bill Muirhead's table at Harry's Bar. It's much more serious than that.

Johnny Hornby has lost his mobile phone.

On a charitable whim recently Hornby was digging into his pockets to

find some change to give to two young urchins. Little did he know he was

dealing with the Artful Dodger and his side-kick, for before he knew it

the phone was gone.

Now these must have been very sophisticated young thieves. Take Hornby's

phone and you have the direct lines and home phone numbers of some of

the best- connected people in the country. Yes, London's leading

schmoozer includes Peter Mandelson, David Dein and Ian McAllister among

those listed in his direct dial.

Hornby, however, is unfazed. The theft enabled him to use, and

proselytise about, his favourite thing in life. "It's not too bad

because at the Carphone Ware-house they copy your sim card for no

charge," he enthused.

So Hornby's OK about it. Not so sure that the same can be said for his