DIARY: Pinchpenny IPA gives away free magnum as plonk perks ban bites

After last week's revelation that the IPA is reviewing all its

activities and has stopped doling out bottles of wine to venerable

oldsters who've worked so hard on its behalf in the past, it came as

something of a surprise to find that the organisation is handing out

prizes to people who manage to complete the tricky task of logging on to

its website.

The bounty in question for that oh-so-hard task is none other than a

magnum - yes, that's a magnum - of fine Champagne. Hmmm, we're sure all

those old-timers are chuffed to bits to see the IPA continuing its

"scrimp 'n' save" policy in such a dedicated way.

Still, a magnum will be winging its way to Faulds Advertising's creative

director, Billy Mawhinney, who was the 8,000th IPA member to be

registered at the site.

Quite what it says about the length of time it has taken this

technological wizard to sign up for all those handy alerts is quite

another thing.