DIARY: Another poor celebrity caught out by the edit

You've really got to wonder about people who go on game shows. What on Earth drives these poor unfortunates to do it? Sure, there's no better high than making sexy chit-chat with the dashing hosts. But what about afterwards, when it's all over and you've got to go back to work and face the derisive howls of your colleagues?

Well, this is a lesson that young Nichola Alleman has learned to her cost. Alleman, a print production junior (or router) at Bartle Bogle Hegarty, starred in this week's edition of The Weakest Link and, as such, was given a good going over by everyone's favourite nest of vipers, Anne Robinson.

Things got particularly hairy when Robinson began asking awkward questions on the subject of Alleman's boss, the press production director Paul Ward.

Maybe it was the bright lights, the pre-show Champagne or just Robinson's piercing gaze, but before she knew what she was saying, Alleman not only implied Ward was a wild one, she'd also admitted her designs on his job.

An embarrassed Alleman tried to blame her faux pas on the BBC's clever editing techniques, but BBH wasn't impressed. "I have no router," Ward cried, before downing two bottles of absinthe and dancing half-naked around the agency boardroom.