Diary: A PR stunt on the busiest day of the year? Love It!

Everyone knows that the relationship between journalists and PRs is a love-hate one at the best of times, but an emerging trend among PRs for sending surprise guests into magazine offices is doing nothing to endear them to cynical and busy hacks.

First, there was the giant pigeon sent in by the integrated agency Albion to promote the Innocent Smoothies festival Fruitstock last month. But, to be fair, this stunt at least raised a few titters, even if only in sympathy for the man inside the costume during the July heatwave.

But there was little cause for amusement at the end of last week when two strapping young men turned up in the reception at Campaign Towers, demanding to see the media editor on one of the busiest days of the media desk's year. The hunks had been sent by News International's Love It! to celebrate its Audit Bureau of Circulations figures.

Now, this interruption might have been forgiven if the guests had come bearing gifts, but instead all they offered was a copy of the mag and a press release. What's more, they insisted the male journalist had his picture taken with them. Perhaps in future it would be worth doing some research - two female beauties may have been better received.