Diary: Priest celebrates Hiscox by stripping to his pants

Ian Priest, one of the founding partners of VCCP, has a novel, if rather risque, way of celebrating a new-business win, the Diary hears.

After VCCP pitched against Lunar BBDO and Weapon 7 for the integrated Hiscox business, Priest vowed to strip down to his boxer shorts and run a lap of the office if they won. And his ever-loyal PA, Kirsty Shore, said she would support him by stripping to her bra.

True to their word, when they heard they had won, off came the clothes. Like an episode of The Benny Hill Show, they ran around the open-plan office with Priest in front, wearing boxer shorts in a dashing shade of blue - which is conveniently the agency's colour - with Shore trailing behind in a black bra.

If Priest is prepared to strip off for an insurer that specialises in covering people for kidnapping, how will he celebrate the next win? A pole dance for the marketing director, perhaps?