Diary: Production luminaries enjoy night at the opera

Rumours of the imminent demise of the production company look to be severely exaggerated if the APA Show 2007 is anything to go by.

Opulence was the order of the day for this year's event. After cutting a swathe through the curatorial sensibilities of two of the capital's best-loved museums in the past two years, the Victoria and Albert and the Science Museum, the APA Show was this year held at the Royal Opera House.

The downside was the cavernous atrium, which reverberated all night to the sound of air-kissing and glass-clinking. The upside? Well, there were no priceless artworks to be damaged by amorous production staff looking for a quiet corner for an illicit assignation.

In previous years, the APA has insisted on judges picking 50 commercials, with the result being one or two questionable entries sneaking in to make up numbers. No more, though - from now on, it's simply the best: 47, to be precise.

Diary would love to give a run-down of those ads that made it through, but struggled to find anyone who had the foggiest idea, as many of the partygoers missed the presentations to prop up the bar.