DIARY: Profero reminisces on infant ambitions as it celebrates its birthday

When an ad agency reaches the age of five, the cautiously optimistic clink of Champagne glasses might be heard. But in new-media land, where the ride has seen the highest highs and the lowest lows at warp speed, reaching the age of five qualifies an agency to think of itself as a bit of an old hand.

So, to celebrate its momentous birthday, the digital agency Profero has posted online images of all of its staff at the age of five and chronicled their infantile likes and dislikes and childhood ambitions.

Profero's co-founder and chief executive, Daryl Arnold, liked lions, riding his bike and listening to Grandad's stories. He disliked baked beans, playing the recorder and reading (we hear he's still having a problem with that one). At five, he wanted to be Batman when he grew up. His brother Wayne (Profero's UK managing director) got his wish - he wanted his own wildlife park.

Anyway, happy fifth birthday Profero. We wonder what your infant ambitions are? Judging by this recession, we imagine it's to make it to ten.