Diary: Project Harvest is sound investment for Wave duo

Some jobs feel like they will never end: trawling the gutters of adland for gossip; dusting the living room; cracking the Imodium brief.

Then there are those Sisyphean tasks that never will: painting the Forth Bridge and, now, recording every possible sound effect in the world. Gamely, Wave, the much-loved Soho sound studio, is grasping that particular nettle.

The task, dubbed Project Harvest, sees two young sound engineers - Joss Craig, 26, and Craig Loftus, 23 - travelling the world in a camper van packed with state-of-the-art recording equipment.

The quest kicked off this spring in the UK. The van has now hit mainland Europe, where the intrepid archivists will save for aural posterity the sounds of agony and ecstasy at the World Cup before heading east for sonically uncharted lands.

Those interested in following the duo's adventures can read their blog:projectharvest.blogspot.com, although Diary cautions against taking too much pleasure in their more negative run-ins, such as narrowly avoiding a beating at the hands of an angry mob of football fans.

Craig and Loftus welcome any requests for specific recordings. Suggestions already made include "a dog show", "flies hitting a windscreen at night", and "a laughing horse". Consider the gauntlet thrown down.