Diary: Publicis' Lindsay bags up his true colours

After this year's decision by the food retailer Asda to move its £47 million advertising account out of Publicis and into Fallon, Tim Lindsay, the chairman of the former, has obviously changed some of his personal shopping habits.

Recently photographed in Shooting Gazette enjoying a day of manly gun-related pursuits, he has openly nailed his colours to the mast by sporting a fetching white carrier bag emblazoned not with the green hue of Asda, but with the blue and red of its bitter rival and current nemesis, Tesco.

Now, Diary wonders whether his companions on the day were aware of Lindsay's stand against his former client, or whether they were more amazed by the fact that he had the audacity to use a plastic bag in replacement of a cartridge bag - which, Diary has been authoritatively informed, is definitely "not the done thing".

However, the bag, being a normal-sized carrier, doesn't look like it could hold that many cartridges anyway, but, as the Tesco strapline says: "Every little helps."

The gang were embarking on a day of shooting at the Woodham Club, based on the Hollam Estate, near Dulverton in West Somerset. The man to the right of Lindsay is Preben Prebensen, the owner of the club and the shoot captain.