Diary: Publicis pays the price of wooing in aid of Nabs

As part of a fundraising venture for Nabs, which eventually generated £1,300, Publicis spent all last week in the midst of a wooing frenzy.

The fun started with staff members paying £5 to pick someone of the opposite sex, at random, to woo. However, they could keep coughing up fivers until they got someone they actually wanted (rumours Tim Lindsay cost one lucky lady £2,000 are, as yet, unsubstantiated).

Once a name was chosen, the participants were left to their own devices to try to find the best way of wooing their target.

As the picture shows, some of the management team were only too happy to be involved in the action - well, it was for a good cause.

Grant Duncan, in his capacity as the Nabs chairman, organised the week and also offered himself as a prize in the slave auction.

The overall contest was won by an intern called Karen Hay, who filmed herself and some unsuspecting Tube travellers singing She Loves You by The Beatles and posted it on YouTube.