Diary: Puttnam revels in the affections of Mad Men

David Puttnam admits to being rather chuffed at the homage that has been paid to him in Mad Men.

Although Puttnam's ad career was brief - he spent some time as a suit at Collett Dickenson Pearce during its 60s heyday - he clearly left his mark. So much so that as Mad Men fans will know, when the show's writers came to name the British agency that swept in to acquire Sterling Cooper, they called it Puttnam Powell and Lowe.

Quite how Puttnam would have coped with his two "partners", the astute intellectual Sir Chris and the eccentric Sir Frank is any-body's guess. But clearly the writers didn't realise that Lowe would have allowed his name to come last in any agency line-up. Anyway, Puttnam (who knows a thing or two about film-making) is now on a mission to meet Matthew Weiner, the Mad Men creator and writer. Look out for a cameo appearance in the next series.

Meanwhile, we've never been able to resist a smile whenever a certain corrupt and unscrupulous lawyer turns up in The Wire to get the drug-trafficking Barksdale crew out of trouble.

His name: Maurice Levy. Diary wonders if the Publicis Groupe chairman thinks it is such a hoot.