Diary: On the QT ...

Rumours of Frank Lowe setting up "Lowe-in-exile" to swipe the Tesco account from his old agency seem a trifle exaggerated. Matthew Bull, the Lowe chief executive, has commissioned a portrait of his mentor to hang in Lowe's new Kensington home ... Lowe's one-time protege Geoff Seymour, adland's first £100,000-a-year creative back in 1982, is staging an exhibition of his oil paintings at his regular haunt, the Chelsea Arts Club. His subjects include the Saatchi brothers and Sir Martin Sorrell. All the paintings are for sale at the exhibition, which opens this Thursday and lasts for a month ... When Nick Grime, who is taking control of the headhunting consultancy Jan Mac from its founder, Jan McGregor, needed a new company logo, he turned to the obvious person.

Enter the veteran creative Steve Grime. Or, to give him his correct title, Dad. Let's hope it didn't provoke the usual kerfuffle between client and creative about whether or not it was big enough ... Healthy eating is all very well but don't you often yearn for a fry-up? 'Course you do. So more power to Russell Davies, Wieden & Kennedy's planning director, whose website, eggbaconchipsandbeans.com, which reviews greasy spoons across the UK, was named one of the top ten British websites by Yahoo! ... Jon Ingall, the Archibald Ingall Stretton managing partner, was chuffed when Phil Andrews, his counterpart at Partners Andrews Aldridge, named him as one of his closest friends in the business in his Campaign A List entry. He says he was beginning to despair of ever making it between the covers ... French Connection has a lot to answer for. When EDF, a French-owned company but one of Britain's biggest power suppliers, decided to rebrand itself for the UK, some bright spark suggested EDFUK. The idea was quickly killed when somebody asked if the mighty conglomerate really wanted to be known as Edfuck.