Diary: On the QT...

Rumour has it that two mischievous wags in Clemmow Hornby Inge's studio have rushed to register all variants of the domain BeattieMcGuinnessBungay.com.

Surely they will sell it back to Trevor Beattie for a price; perhaps Muhammad Ali's split glove... Not everybody is a fan of that awfully nice Chris Powell, the former DDB London chairman. Powell was the chairman of the United Business Media committee that approved a £250,000 bonus to the outgoing chief executive, Lord Hollick. This has gone down like a cup of cold sick in some quarters, with shareholders being urged to oppose Powell's re-election as a non-executive director... Diary extends its sympathy to John Cryer, a one-time freelance sub-editor at Campaign before his election as the Labour MP for Hornchurch. Sadly, Cryer saw his seat fall to the Tories this time... Watch out for the appearance of the Proximity copywriter Tony Burke in the BBC 2 reality series The Monastery. Burke and four other candidates spent six weeks living the life of Benedictine monks. Burke says the "no booze" rule didn't bother him (he's teetotal), although his fag consumption rocketed. And how did the experience affect him? Quite profoundly, it seems. He went in as an atheist but isn't so sure now, having had what he claims was a "revelation".