Diary: On the QT ...

Hands up everyone who knew there was such a thing as an Icelandic best-sellers list? Well, there is.

Those hardy islanders have to curl up with something during those long winter nights. And who is top of the pops at present? None other than the Newhaven creative director, Zane Radcliffe, with his first book, The Killer's Guide To Iceland. In case you wish to read Radcliffe's opus for yourself, Diary will not give away too much of the plot. We'll just say it kicks off in Glasgow as the protagonist, Callum Pope, leaves everything behind to start a new life in Rejkjavik with his Icelandic girlfriend. Needless to say, it doesn't go as smoothly as planned ... Remember Lord "two dinners" Goodman? Meet his successor, Ian Pearman, the Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO client services director, who has been showing how much of a new man he is by demonstrating amazing empathy with his pregnant wife.

Not only did he lay off the booze at a business lunch last week, just in case his wife went into labour, but he also ate both his own steak and that of his colleague Mark Mulhearne. Obviously, he's more than happy to eat for two ... Guinness world records tumbled like ninepins at the Claydon Heeley Jones Mason summer party. Philip Bell smashed the record for stretching a Curly Wurly; Nick Thompson ate 136 baked beans from a plate in three minutes using only a cocktail stick and an agency team took just 27.12 seconds to burst 1,000 balloons ... With the August bank holiday weekend almost upon us, the Portman Group's latest advertising campaign warns of one particularly nasty side-effect of binge drinking - throw too much alcohol down your throat and you may find yourself waking up the next day beside the wrong person. Of course, anybody who has ever been to an agency Christmas bash will be familiar with that possibility already.