Diary: On the QT ...

The phrase "jump into my grave" took on a whole new dimension at TBWA\London once Trevor Beattie vacated the premises to do his own thing.

Ensconced in Beattie's "grave", the newly appointed creative directors, Danny Brooke-Taylor and Tony McTeer, decided their surroundings were too drab and not quite modern enough. To rectify this, they ordered a plasma-screen TV and a lot of office furniture. This didn't go down well with the bean counters on high, who promptly told them go forth and multiply ... It seems Sid McGrath, HHCL/Red Cell's managing director, didn't get his promotion by skill alone. He's said to have stumped up an obscene amount of cash to have a giant boulder with magical properties installed in his back garden. Even if it transpired that the boulder wasn't magic, it could still have aided McGrath with his promotion as it will have washed well with Andy Berlin, Red Cell's global chief and a committed believer in magic ... Much merriment at Grey after Campaign quoted a former senior executive suggesting Grey managers spent their time trying to locate the G-spot of their boss Ed Meyer, 78, and then trying to lick it. A former Grey top dog even rang us from New York saying she'd like to send the author a crate of Champagne ... Word has reached Diary of a very special photo of McCann Erickson's Rupert Howell, in which he appears stark naked with only a strategically placed court shoe to protect his modesty. If anyone knows how we can get hold of a copy, e-mail us at campaign@haynet.com. Please. We'll pay cash ... You may recall a story in June about a Dubai recruitment consultant who posed as a Campaign journalist in a bid to lure top talent to the Middle East. Now it seems a certain Mr Alistair Lamont has left a company called ConnectedGroup. We just thought you'd like to know. Accept only the genuine article.