Diary: On the QT ...

If anybody fails to understand why the latest KFC ad, which is basically the explanation of a sandwich by a bus conductor, is so lame, Diary can reveal the reason.

The ad was originally conceived as a parody of Marks & Spencer food ads. When the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre saw the script, it insisted Bartle Bogle Hegarty change most of it to make it less like an M&S film. BBH made the ad anyway and when the BACC saw the final version it ordered the agency to change and reshoot most of it. Hence the watered-down version ... Sainsbury's should listen to its own advice with its new campaign through Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. Using the strapline "Try something new today", the film shows Jamie Oliver cooking spaghetti Bolognese with nutmeg. New? Hardly ... An article in this month's "cool" US business title Fast Company contains a startling insight into Wieden & Kennedy's London culture. Based on the agency's blog, the mag concludes that life at W&K is "quirky, free-wheeling and, yes, booze-filled". It also loves the agency mascot, a mannequin with a blender for a head who carries a briefcase inscribed with the words "walk in stupid every morning". According to Fast Company, this is "Brit-speak for keeping an open mind". Glad they know what it means ... Good to see that Channel 4's very own Alastair Campbell, otherwise known as its head of press and publicity, Matt Baker, has not tired of putting the press straight. He sent a letter to The Guardian this week to point out C4 has nothing to do with a campaign to keep cricket on terrestrial TV. Next week, we expect Baker to turn up unannounced on the set of C4 news ... It seems a combination of media rumours and canny betting have shortened the odds on DDB London capturing the British Airways account. A 14/1 outsider when Paddy Power opened the book in July, DDB has seen its odds shorten to 11/8.